Home Spa design and implementation

Home spa isn’t a new trend, it has been used for ages by people seeking wellbeing and relaxation.

Nowadays the increasing interest for body care and emotional sensations has led to an increasing demand for residential spas.

More people are deciding to dedicate an area of their home to create their own private home spa and take advantage of its great benefits to get rid of stress and fatigue.


Wide range of equipment to enjoy the best treatments in the comfort of your home Spa

We provide a variety of spa facilities like Finnish saunas, infrared saunas, Turkish baths, hammam, showers, hot tubs and fitness equipment.

Satisfying even the most demanding requests is one of our main challenges, therefore we provide a wide range of products  to meet  both  traditional and modern tastes, as well as custom made equipment to fit your space, specific needs and budget.

You will be able to transform even a small area of your home into a luxury wellness area, where you can pamper yourself, relax and enjoy your time after a long day of work.

Due to our attention to choosing the best Italian materials, we select for you the highest quality products that meet all international safety standards.

Reasons to get a Home Spa

Even if you can find wellness centers pretty much everywhere, especially in big cities, many people still prefer having  their own home spa, because in addition to its great benefits like relaxation, getting rid of fatigue and toxins, improving blood circulation and skin aspect, there are other reasons why you should create your own wellness area:

  • After a long tiring day at work, nobody wants to spend more time driving in traffic to go to a public wellness center.
  • Not everyone lives nearby wellness centers.
  • Some people just prefer to maintain their privacy and may not be comfortable in public Spas.
  • The commodity of taking a Turkish bath or plunging in your hot tub to give yourself a nice total body massage at any time without the hassle of taking any appointment is priceless.


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