Lifeclass Gulf for your Wellness Center Projects

We provide professional consultancy, design and implementation of wellness centers, we take pride in the talent of our team that examines closely each stage of spa creation, starting from the feasibility study until delivery of turnkey wellness solution complete with all equipment, by working closely with our customers, we understand their specific requirements and plan each detail with accuracy in order to provide successful wellness centers.

When we implement a wellness center, we evaluate both functional and aesthetic aspects, as well as complying with international safety standards and equipment durability.

Who can benefit from our services?

  • Investors: If you are planning to start your own Spa business and join a fast growing industry that generated more than $14 billion last year in revenues in the USA, according to statistics from the International Spa Association in the Wellness industry.
  • Wellness center owners: If you already own a Spa and all you need is to revamp it or add new options, then we can help you too to renovate it and give it a new look.

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Wellness center management and marketing plan

Our services are not limited to wellness center’s building, however, we provide consultancy for management and marketing to make your investment successful.


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