Swimming pools design and building

Swimming pool construction requires specific skills and project study, Lifeclass gulf will help you create a custom made swimming pool to have your dream paradise.

Our team is composed of architects and skilled designers willing to assist you in the choice of the right swimming pool that satisfy your requirements and accomplish your home.

Swimming pool project study

Before starting pool construction, we take into consideration a variety of aspects like the structure, color and used materials, which can be tricky without a qualified team.

In addition to the exterior pool aspect, we study and discuss other features with customers like:

  • Outdoor pool or indoor pool?
  • Recessed pool or on-ground pool?
  • Hydromassage pool or regular pool?
  • Are there any children that will be using the pool?
  • Sould we consider a covered pool?
  • Should we use additional¬†materials to guarantee durability and make it weather resistant (the case in some countries due to severe weather conditions)

We will discuss all these aspects with customer and study them accurately to design and build outstanding swimming pools that satisfy you.


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