Custom made steam room and hammam

No limits!


Create your turkish bath or hammam as you like according to the dimensions and shapes that best suit your needs. Thanks to the processing of high density EPS we can make any shape and size for every need and aesthetic taste.Unlike traditional technologies, we can create rounded shapes easily and quickly, in the specific case of steam cabins the domed ceiling is often preferred, this is to slide the steam that condenses on the ceiling towards the side walls so as not to drip on the garment of users. The rounded shapes are also very popular for making ergonomic benches and beds or chaise lounges, to be as comfortable as possible to develop maximum relaxation by maximizing the function of the Turkish bath.Thanks to this technology, the Turkish bath can be assembled on site in blocks so that all pieces can be transported through small passages where necessary. Once the cabin is mounted and waterproofed, the techniques are mounted: steam generator, heating on benches and floors. Finally, the final external finish is made which can be chosen from many solutions including: mosaic (both glassy and stone), tiles, resins, microcement.