Outdoor sauna


Outdoor sauna with experience shower.

Wood burning heater sauna.

Wall covered with roks.

Frontal big glass, and lateral glsss with mirror finishing



Location: ITALY and Europe

outdoor sauna

Gazebo Spa


Different solutions with same structure: inside those examples wwe installed sauna, jacuzzi, steam room, showers and relax rooms.

Perfect idea in order to use space in your gardens



Location: ITALY and Europe

outdoor sauna

Sauna Pod


Special project for Resort by the sea in Italy, with Jacuzzi and sauna pod terrace by the sea with spectacula view.


Pod with integrated changing room and sauna room inside same structure



Location: ITALY by the sea

Sauna pod

Sauna barrel collection


Very typical sauna from northern Europe, we produce it for many clients specially nearby the Alps regions. Normally it is combined with jacuzzi or barrel hottube.



Location: ITALY and Europe

barrel sauna

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