Infrared and combi saunas custom made

Lifeclass produce personalized infrared sauna cabins following strictly requirement of our client, professional and private ones.

Wide range of choice for technics and materials for finishing.

Infrared radiators can be installed together with traditional sauna or combi sauna heater in order to achive a multi-task cabin with 2 or 3 functions in 1.

Even Infrared radiators can be chosen amoung those kinds:

  • Flex carbon heater radiators ( low EMC emission )
  • Halogen heaters : Full spectrum heaters ( infrared frequency cover bands A, B and C ), can be combined with traditional and combi sauna heater,
  • Ceramic heater: economic and long life time, can be combined with traditional sauna heater.


Materials for cabin:

  • aspen
  • thermo aspen
  • spruce
  • thermospruce
  • brushed spruce
  • alder
  • thermo alder
  • dark thermo alder
  • ash
  • thermo ash
  • hemlock
  •  on request other kinds