The revolutionary technology of the LiclassGulf team responded with creative insight to the increasingly demand from a public more attentive to the image of Italian design for the garden furniture.

Dolcevita is presented in a collection of two different models: Diva and Rattan, in which the materials used are of the highest guaranteed quality .

Dolcevita pools are equipped with a state of the art recirculation and water filtration. Dolcevita system allows great versatility: it is assembled and disassembled in a short time and can be used even in areas where it is allowed only the use of temporary structures for seasonal use.

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Dolcevita renews the world of above-ground pools thanks to a sound technology which is on the market for over 40 years, and its innovative and graceful design.
Dolcevita can adapt to the needs of a changing family, allowing thoughts, repositioning, moving, resale to purchase another one.
Its versatility allows easy and quick installation even in areas with seasonal permits only.
Dolcevita provides a recirculating and filtration system which enables the highest quality and hygiene of the water purity.
Dolcevita comes up in two different models: Diva and Rattan,with high quality materials that ensure long time use.













Stainless steel and hot-dip galvanized steel structure protected with epoxy powder (ZSV-TEC). Hardware of stainless steel with anti-grip nuts.


INTERIOR: The pool membrane is made of polyesters fibers and high strength polymers for max durability. This super strong material is subsequently treated anti-UV, through the use of special additives which limit the aging of the material. The Dolcevita membrane is tensile strength of 430kg/5cm according to DIN 53354.
EXTERIOR: Hand woven wicker fabric  panels.
TOP EDGE: Hand woven wicker fabric .

Standard Equipments

Exclusive  filtration and treatment system
> Low energy Led Spotlights
> Ladder
> Vacuum cleaner Kit

Optional Equipments

Special base frame for assembly directly on the ground without construction works
> Additional structural components for underground or terrace installation
> Stream swimming system
> Heat pump water heating and cooling
> Corner bench in solid surface with air whirlpool
> Winter and summer thermal top covers
> Automatic control system of the water level















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water depth

1.2 / 1.3 m


The Dolcevita aboveground structure is the lighter version of her older sister Dolcevita Inground, specially designed for installation above ground only. Even in this structure all the uprights, the side members and the bolts are made of hot galvanized steel and / or stainless steel


The structure can be finished and covered with liner, wood grid panels and composite wood board, to create a pool of strong impact, well finished and incredibly convenient.
The Pool Liner used for Dolcevita Pool line are made of the an exclusive Trevira® coated membrane. This resilient material is subsequently treated anti-UV, anti-mold and anti-fungus through the use of special additives which limit material aging.
The Dolcevita above ground membrane has a tensile strength of 430 Kg / 5 cm, according to DIN 53354. Available colors are White, Beige, Blue, and Green.

base frame

Dolcevita above ground can be inserted in any context you like also avoiding the construction of a reinforced concrete slab using a special modular base frame made of powder-coated steel.
With this innovative and unique structural accessory, which can be accompanied by a mobility certificate and easy removal of the pool, you can install Dolcevita Pool in any type of situation, satisfying your every need, even the most special.


Base kit for direct assembly onto the ground, Structures for in-ground or partially in-ground version, Swim jet system, Heat-cold pump, Pool debris cover and solar cover