Infrared sauna cabins standard

In addition to traditional saunas, Lifeclass is increasingly specializing in the design and sale of infrared cabins. In fact, we also manufacture customized infrared cabins to meet all the needs of our customers.Why infrared cabins? Lifeclass infrared cabins offer the same benefits as the classic sauna, such as the feeling of well-being, the improvement of blood circulation, the alleviation of muscle pain, and the elimination of toxins through sweating.In addition to the functionality of the infrared cabins, all the advantages are added :

Easy installation: it takes 15 minutes to install an infrared cabin. Affordable prices: infrared cabins cost less than Finnish cabins.

Reduced space: the infrared cabin can be placed in any room in the house equipped with an electrical socket.

Reduced energy consumption: a medium-sized infrared cabin consumes around 2kW.Temperature: the temperature inside the infrared cabin does not exceed 60 ° C.

CE certification: all our saunas are CE certified

2 year guarantee: all our infrared cabins are guaranteed for 2 years.

Safe materials: careful choice of materials used for the construction of our infrared cabins.