Custom Saunas design

We offer a variety of quality home saunas, ranging from traditional Finnish saunas to Infrared saunas, both available in different shapes, finishes, and dimensions.

We provide custom made solutions for beautiful, functional and durable steam rooms, you can choose shape, heater and wood type to give a unique look for your home spa, and match it with your interior decor.

Our saunas are designed and made in Europe and comply with international safety standards for wellness equipment.

What is a Sauna?

Sauna is a wooden, hot room used for relaxation, in the interior of it, we find wooden benches to enable bathers to sit down while enjoying their wellness treatment, a stove to heat the room, ventilation ports, and a thermometer.


What is the difference between Finnish Sauna and Infrared sauna?

Traditional sauna has been used for a thousand years by Finnish and it still represents their culture and their life style, most of Finnish own a home sauna and use it regularly with all family members to take advantage of its benefits that are not limited to bathing but goes further, it relieves back pain and detoxify the body.

Heat in Finnish saunas reaches higher degrees ( from 60C° to 100 C°) compared to infrared sauna, the latter was created by German in the 80ies and instead of wood-burning stove used in a traditional sauna, it uses safe infrared rayon’s to heat.

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